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DOUBLE FOCUS is a Web Design and Web Development company based in Chennai, Tamilnadu with its office headquartered at Chennai. We proudly present before you our excellent team of professionals chosen after several rounds of screening and analysis, and then put through constant monitoring and job enhancement workshops to render productive outputs. Our client reach is not only within India but also we do serve clients at international levels. Thanks to our team of web developers, web designers, SEO analysts, content writers and the social media experts, constantly researching and working on modelling innovative ideas for developing unique and trendy online business strategies. From developing an excellent business plan to opting a perfect face for your online business along with the promotion ideas, we will take care of your A to Z online business requirements. We build websites based on the latest technologies including all the unique styles and business components that crawlers are searching for online, at excitingly unbelievable prices. When it comes to developing products we never fail to bring in high-quality and standard entities to enrich our product development cycle. DOUBLE FOCUS is popular among the online businesses for the paradigm of sales driven services that we offer after the delivery of the end product to our clients. We invite you to catch a glimpse of the wide range of services that we offer and let us know what you want us to do for you. Contact us and we will respond to you with a free quote!

web designing company Chennai

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At DOUBLE FOCUS We are passionate for what we do, and a well done project is what makes us happy...

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Mobile Websites

Websites that are designed and developed for exclusive usage on mobile devices are known as Mobile Websites. The concept of Mobile Website is inherently different from that of Mobile Responsive Website Designs. Responsive Website Designs indicate a single website that is used across all devices but that takes different alignments for each device whereas the data still remains the same. Mobile Websites designed by us will automatically detect the types of device that is being used and accordingly redirect the user to a specially designed site. Mobile website comprises of various images, files and codes which are very light and hence it enables the sites to load faster and also lessen the usage of mobile data. READ MORE »

Website Design & Web Development

We are one of the few web design companies in Chennai that provides tailor-made solutions to its clients. Our website designs are customized depending upon the business of each clients. We will not use any readymade design templates or plugins for web development. Moreover, all our websites are mobile responsive, thus no need to create different websites for different platforms. One single website will serve equally on desktops, tablets, smartphones, etc. The website automatically detects the device using it and accordingly load pre-defined style sheets, content, images, etc.Depends upon the needs & preferences of the clients, our designers will create mobile first or desktop first versions READ MORE »

E-commerce Websites

Online shopping these days has consumed an altogether different meaning and hence the need of a customized eCommerce website is felt by businesses. eCommerce websites provided by DOUBLE FOCUS are fully customizable depending upon the needs of the businesses. Needless to say they are highly search engine friendly. Our professional team of web designers and developers have developed a seamless and easy-to-navigate customizable shopping platform for an amazing shopping experience of the customers. Considering the risks involved in online businesses, our developers have ensured utmost safety and protection by using Core PHP & Mysql for developing eCommerce websites. READ MORE »


The most common and the utmost effective digital marketing technique used in online business is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. Unlike paid search, SEO is the technique of attracting organic i.e. natural traffic on search engines. SEO is beneficial over paid promotion because as soon as you run out of budget, paid promotion will cease to produce results. On the other hand, once your website has managed to show up in the top search results, it will remain there for years with the help of SEO. Our team strictly adheres to Google guidelines for organic search results and promise no cheating on clients. In order to reach maximum audience without spending your hard earned money, it is essential to optimize your website using concrete SEO strategies and techniques. READ MORE »


The key to success of any business is converting as many visitors as possible into potential buyers and this is the core idea behind the operation of Social Media Optimisation (SMO). We have a highly experienced digital marketing team which makes use of various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. in order to increase the traffic of your website. For instance, we undertake a complete revamping of your Facebook page with attractive illustrations and creative posts. This Facebook page and the posts created by us are used to reach maximum number of audience using paid promotions technique and eventually divert the viewers to your website. READ MORE »


We are an experienced PSD to HTML Conversion company with expertise at converting PSD files into HTML format without affecting the underlying code technicalities. Our conversion services are extremely simple and compatible with cross browsers as per the client needs. Our team works on bringing in HTML/XHTL..... READ MORE »

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I must say that the staff were very innovative. As i stay in Japan, my communications were mainly through mails, chat and phone. They were supportive and gave me suggestions and new ideas which i never thought about before.Thank you for the continuing support.

-Sam Mohan, Ayakoo foods, Japan


"DOUBLE FOCUS" are outstanding They have delivered over the last year numerous web design projects for our clients in Bahrain and Qatar. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who wants a quality customized site that is affordable

-Dilchand.R, Adventureads, Qatar

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